Orange Theory, Thin Side Out, and Birthday Update

Sorry for not posting last weeks weigh in Wednesday .... it was my birthday week and this lady is officially 34. I had a fantastic week with friends and family. I got roses from my fiancé, sunflowers from a set of co-workers that I truly miss with all my heart, and best of all my... Continue Reading →


Day 34 Week 9

Day 34 (number of days at the gym) Week 9 Day 4 of C25K With a puzzle you need all the pieces to make the big picture. They all have to fit together just right and when they do the image is unbelievably beautiful. My puzzle was missing a lot of pieces and they just... Continue Reading →

Weigh-In Wednesday

I can't even explain how proud I am of myself I have reached a number of different goals in a week. Weight loss this week 3 lbs. Total weight loss since starting on 2/20 10.2 lbs. hit first mini goal!! Exceeded most steps in a day on Sunday 4/2 Exceeded most steps in a week... Continue Reading →

Weigh-In Wednesday

Well yesterday evening I did not want to go to the gym! My monthly friend came and decided it wanted to bring along with it some horrific cramps. I had every intention of trying a new HIIT workout on the treadmill and was super excited but instead I listened to my body and rested. I... Continue Reading →

Water please!

Yup that would be me the girl who is walking around with a water bottle everywhere she goes (usually a different water bottle/tumbler bc I love having a variety). It used to be filled with Arizona Green Tea which was healthier than soda but still packed with sugar. Now 6 weeks later I am only drinking... Continue Reading →

A day late but oh well…

Yesterday was supposed to be Weigh in Wednesday and to be honest I forgot. I did cheat and weighed myself on Tuesday after the most horrible day. The good news was I lost more weight I was down to 185.6 that is almost a whole 5 lbs from my start weight. Then this morning I weighed myself... Continue Reading →

Weigh in Wednesday

I will not let this get me down. I will keep on going. It is a small hurdle in a big journey. Keep working hard. You are not like everyone else. All the things I need to keep telling myself after todays Weigh In Wednesday still at 187.6 I was bummed. I felt defeated inside... Continue Reading →


Yesterday was rough day for my progress. I had to go to the dentist and have a deep cleaning done on my teeth to remove gross build up. I have never experienced having my mouth numbed before and well that needle being shoved in several places in my mouth was PAINFUL! The one that was... Continue Reading →

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